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Kids Burger Cash Register. Play like a real cashier at your favorite fast food restaurant. Take your drive-thru customers’ orders on a real working cash register. You can even take the customer’s payment either cash or credit card. You can play the Drive-Thru Game in either math practice or no math mode. In Free Play mode, you can be both the customer and the cashier. There is also a calculator mode on the cash register you can use to manually enter your own prices. Have fun and use your imagination! Recommended for ages 7+


Princess Cash Register. Let’s go shopping with princess cash register! You can play as both the shopper and cashier. Choose from free play mode or shopping game mode. Use your pretty pink cash register to ring up any of the 52 princess items available. The cash register is a real working calculator with a scanner that can scan the available merchandise. You can also swipe the credit card to pay at the end of the shopping spree. Move money in and out of the cash register. Give your customer the right amount of change. There are also 6 different shopping phrases sound. Have fun and use your imagination with this princess cash register.


Burger Cashier
. You have been promoted from fry cook to cashier at the burger shop. Take orders from customers and enter it into the cash register. You have to enter the order’s items in the right size, amount, and order or you start the order all over again. You also must finish taking the order before the customer’s patience runs out. The customers’ orders will get progressively larger and more complicated and their patience also gets shorter. You unlock new fast food items as you move through the levels. There are 100 levels and 19 different food items . Train to be the best burger shop cashier!
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ic_launcherKids Cash Register Grocery. Play as a cashier in your very own grocery store. Have fun with a realistic supermarket cash register. Learn and practice addition and subtraction as well as money handling skills. There are 2 modes in this app: groceries game and free play. In the groceries game, you play the role as cashier as different customers come to checkout their items. In free play mode, you are both cashier and customer. You can press the register’s buttons to your heart’s content and swipe the credit card as many times as you like. This is a great app for young kids just learning about math and money.
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ic_launcherSuper Claw Machine. Have a blast catching cute prizes in this arcade claw game also know as UFO Catcher or Claw Crane. This is a unique 2D claw machine game with 90’s SNES style gameplay. Use your skill of timing and hand-eye coordination to avoid obstacles and catch prizes. The prizes are chibi style plush toys.  There are 4 different modes each with unique prizes and challenges: Normal, Restaurant, Beach, and Space. Catch and collect all the cute plushies!


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